messy posting

2day i scratched myself for the first time this year (2k13 rock on) like on purpose and stuff w/e
duuring pe b/c i was a rly slow shit and just gave up lol (i rly suk)
also the asshole teacher made me run an extra lap i could taste iron in my throat THANKS (also i nearly wanted to puke and a bit after i was stilla  bit nauseous but i literally only had water coming up)
annnd right aafter that, during lunch, i had to take a spanish test. id hardly ate all day but oh well.
the spansih teacher offered to play music and i was like “k” b/c i didnt want to seem rude or anything and he stragiht-off started playing chiense orchestra music??????? well 2 be fair to him he asked me first if i liked/disliked any type of music
then when i was like “hell no pls dont chiense orchestra” he began playing kpop and i just gave up and went along with it (i h8 kpop even more than chinese orchetra and its way too fast paced to fucking do a test to)
yeah i just bullshitted through the entire test and kinda drew on a page but w/e